Canadian Players’ Playbook: Top 10 Online Casino Tips

You would not enter a store with a shopping list or start a car trip across Canada without a map. Thus, what is the use of risking money at an online casino without any help? Look through our check list of the 10 key steps that any Canadian casino player should know before starting to bet.

1. Choose sites that are designed specifically for Canadians

While there are tens of thousands of online casinos based in Canada or otherwise accepting players from the country, many of them are very similar. Most of them utilize the same software, and they are licensed in similar locations; they also provide the same range of games as Canadians do. However, not all of these casinos are friendly to Canadian players or are especially designed for playing by this nationality. While choosing an online casino, make sure they accept play in CAD, support Canadian Banking, have toll-free Canadian support, and French speaking support if preferred. Indeed, when a casino caters for your requirements, it would then be convenient for you to enjoy and that is when you will win.

2. Stick to playing at reputable online casinos

Believing in people face to face is typically a tough endeavor, so how can an individual trust an online casino site in Canada that could be run by people from the other side of the globe? Do not fear this process, for it is much easier than you may possibly imagine. The best websites to target are those that have Canadian licenses and this is supported by licenses from international gambling authorities. Most of these casinos are also accredited by independent organizations that specialize in evaluating these casinos; eCOGRA is a good example, and the results from these evaluations are usually posted on the particular casino site. Also, take a look at the payouts because most of the reliable websites state the payout percentages on their websites. Finally, it is also possible to turn to a comparison site – similar to Crazy Vegas online casino Canada, which assessed and ranked tens of casinos in order to provide only reliable ones.

3. Pay close attention to welcome bonuses

These are normally the first offers which the members are presented with as soon as they have created their accounts. What is offered to you when you join an online casino is called a welcome bonus and the casino makes your deposited money double. Here, the match bonus can be anywhere from 100%, although at other times it is more like a 200% or even a 300% match bonus. It is also relevant to mention that in these casinos, the amount up to receipt of these bonuses is also capped at $200, $500 or any other figure. Most of the time, it is given partially and fully only after some appropriate gambling has been carried out. However, such bonuses have different requirements that can be quite the opposite depending on the platform you are using; thus, do not entirely rely on your loonies.

4. Seek out large progressive jackpots

Many of the sites host hundreds of online video slots to play but not all of the Canada slot machines are the same. Some are famous for their massive bonus features, and others are popular due to their understated nature. But the idea is to try to find the ones with the big progressive jackpots to try and win. The progressive jackpots can get to phenomenal figures in a very short time as more and more players feed into these machines. Getting any of these can be fabulously rich, particularly if getting the slot machines with the higher payback percentages.

5. Gamble only what you can afford to lose

If your intention in gambling is to make a profit, then you are not gambling efficiently. The research indicates that Internet gambling should be noticed to be entertainment in Canada. Of course, that is aimed at making money, and at times, you will make some, but there are probable ways of also losing some cash. Thus, never take more capital to the tables than which you are inclined and capable to lose. Gambling can become an addiction; one should set an affordable gambling limit and should not exceed it without fail, for example one should set a gambling limit of one week or one month.

6. Look for online casinos with safe and secure banking options

If the specific online casino asks you to mail a check or to send the money through the Western Union, do not deal with such a casino. Ensure that the sites have safe and secure methods of conducting banking. In Canada, the solution that addresses the entire marketplace is Use My Bank, a made-in-Canada solution. Moreover, those brokers that accept eChecks, wire transfers, Visa, as well as MasterCard should also be considered. However, take caution of the site where you intend to deposit your funds and read their security and privacy policies carefully. We have to stay away from it if they are not utilizing encryption common for Canadian online casinos.

7. Know which games provide the best casino odds

To anyone who aims to make money, they have to be aware of what they are venturing into. Still, some casino games are designed to be strongly in favor of the casino while others are somewhat more generous to the player. This advantage is not just general for the game but could also be variant within the different bet types of the game. This way you will be able to save your cash by avoiding less paying games and bet types instead you will be extending your chances at earning more.

8. Try out some free games to familiarize yourself with the rules

I remember trying my luck at the blackjack table on Casino Niagara and without even knowing how to play the game. I’ll tell you this, you are screwed within three minutes. But then again, several times when placing your stakes in an online casino, you are not pressed for time. Contrary to other forms of casinos in Canada, the online facilities enable you to bid for fun. They let you play the games, familiarize yourself with rules and feel the program without betting real money. You can then move up to the real thing and have a try at staking your money and winning.

9. Grasp the concept of the gambler’s fallacy

Unfortunately, a significant percentage of gamblers in the online casinos in Canada have been known to be caught in what is known as the gambler’s fallacy. Once they have used their money to place several bets and lost, gamblers tend to think that things will even themselves out and they will win the next round. Thus, they go on betting, and go on losing. Overall, knowledge of the gambler’s fallacy would help approach offers of online casino games with more moderation and formulate strategies to engage in the games without the incorrect assumption of certain streaks.

10. Relax and have a good time

If you feel like you’re having a slight palpitation as you are engaged in playing Canadian casino games via your laptop, then slow down. Just like every other game, casino games should be fun and exciting but not something that makes your blood pressure rise. Any type of online slot machine and table gameplay should be entertaining, you should simply sit back and have some fun. Just ensure that you are at home engaging in the various online casino games; thus, wear your pajamas if you wish to. In your casino there are house rules only, your house rules to be precise.

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