Buy your Lottery Tickets Online where you can find tickets available to the largest lotteries throughout the world. These sites are safe and secure allowing you to buy lottery tickets for lotteries around the world. Win huge jackpots from lottery’s that you would normally not have access to without the internet. These sites also offer bonuses and other loyalty plans that you definitely won’t find in your corner store. So pick your numbers, decide which lottery to play and good luck.

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Thanks to the internet today you can actively and immediately participate in the biggest lotteries from around the world, providing you the opportunity to win millions of dollars.

Lottery sites today provide a wide variety of unique benefits including the ability to buy lotto tickets from over 80 lotteries from all over the world.

Purchasing tickets is fast and easy and most sites will check the results for you and notify you of your winnings, which are directly transferred to the payment option of your choice.

Some lottery providers also allow you to join a syndicate. What this means is you will share a set number of entries with a specific number of people. For example you may share 46 entries with 60 members of your syndicate. As you can see this would increase your odds of winning considerably and is something to think about when purchasing tickets for draws with multi-million dollar prizes.


Powerball USA - Lottery TicketsPowerball is considered the leading lottery game in the United States, currently played in 31 States, and operated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL).
Powerball is a lotto game that combines a large jackpot and a regular cash game, and is held every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time. The prizes include the jackpot, and include additional winners ranging from 3 Dollars to 200,000 Dollars (second place). Jackpots have reached over 200 Million Dollars in the past.

California Super Lotto

California SuperLotto USA - Lottery TicketsThe California Super Lotto is one of the most popular lottery draws in the United States, with jackpots starting at 7 Million Dollars, and having reached 193 Million Dollars in the past. The draw is held twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday, and the jackpot, if not claimed, is carried over to next week, allowing it to grow to huge numbers.


EuroMillions Europe - Lottery TicketsEuroMillions is a lottery game played weekly on Friday by millions of players from across Europe. The game has participants from nine countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. The prize pool is put together from stakes generated from each of the nine countries, and the main jackpot prize starts at 15 Million Euros. If the jackpot is not won during a specific week, the prize pool is ‘carried over’ to the following week. The record for a single winner is 115 Million Euros, and the highest jackpot ever was 183 Million Euros. These huge jackpots have turned the EuroMillions Lottery into one of the most lucrative and exciting lotteries in the world.


EuroJackpot LotteryEuroJackpot is a relatively new lottery but already has become one of the richest weekly lotteries in the world and it’s getting bigger by the week. Played across 17 European countries, EuroJackpot offers you a guaranteed jackpot of at least €10 million for every single draw, which means that you’re twice as likely to hit the jackpot compared to EuroMillions. The 12 prize levels means you have more chances to win and regular rollover jackpots of up to €90 million.


MegaMillions US Lottery - Lottery TicketsThe MegaMillions is one of the biggest lottery drawings in the United States, with a huge multi-state audience. MegaMillions has a jackpot that starts at 12 Million Dollars, with additional prizes reaching up to 250,000 Dollars. The lottery can be played from 12 states at this stage, including: , Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington. Mega Millions drawings are held Tuesday and Friday nights at 11:00 p.m. eastern time by the Georgia Lottery in Atlanta.


Lotto 649 Canada - Lottery TicketsKnown as the game that changed the way to bet on lotteries in Canada LOTTO 6/49! It runs all Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can become the winner of glorious jackpots! The most attractive ones start at 3.5 million dollars, rolling over each week if there are no winners. The prize has been known to climb up to 54 million dollars! You must get 6 numbers from 1 to 49. There is a draw of lots for seven balls at random, the first 6 numbers form a winning combination and the seventh ball represents the bonus number. There are 6 combinations to win prizes in different categories and by only hitting 2 balls and the bonus number you will win a prize! Don’t miss this opportunity.

Super EnaLotto

Super EnaLotto Italy - Lottery TicketsKnown as one of the most generous lotteries in Europe: SUPER ENALOTTO! It runs all Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM, Italian time. You can become winner of glorious jackpots! The most attractive ones start at 1.3 million Euros, rolling over each week if there are no winners. The prize has been known to climb up to 100 million Euros! The cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome all have their share in drawing lottery numbers. Try your luck and play an Italian lottery ticket.

New York Lotto

New York Lotto USA - Lottery TicketsYou can win millions by participating from one of the leading US lotteries, the NEW YORK LOTTO! Since its inception in 1967 the New York Lottery has raised over $34 billion in aid of education. Every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:21 PM the jackpot could be yours. The most appealing ones start at 3 million dollars rolling over every week if there are no winners. Be part of one of the most exciting and attractive lotteries in the US!

Florida Lotto

Florida Lotto USA - Lottery TicketsFlorida Lotto is another popular lottery in the US! The draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 PM with incredible jackpots. The most attractive ones start at 3 million dollars, rolling over each week if there are no winners. Plus, for an additional payment of $2.00, players can potentially increase their jackpot winnings: a player who wins the jackpot by matching all 6 numbers also wins a further $10 million in annual payments, on top of the advertised Florida Lotto jackpot. Be part of one of the most amazing lotteries in the US!

El Gordo de la Primitiva

El Gordo de la Primitiva Spain - Lottery TicketsEL Gordo de la Primitiva, is Spain’s national lottery game accredited by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado! Draws are held every Sunday at 1.30 PM (Spanish time) with incredible jackpots. The Gordo de la Primitiva has reached jackpots of more than 22 million Euros! Be part of one of the most well-known lotteries in Spain!

Mega Sena

Brazil's Mega-Sena - Lottery TicketsMega Sena is one of the most popular Brazilian lotteries! Every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 PM (Brazilian time) fascinating jackpots can be yours. These roll over until they are won! Be part of one of the most attractive lotteries in Brazil!

Powerball Australia

Powerball Australia - Lottery TicketsKnown as one of the most generous lotteries in Australia. It runs on Thursdays at 6:28 PM, Australian time. The most attractive jackpots start at AU$ 3 million, rolling over each week if there are no winners. The prize has been known to climb up to 58 millions! To win you need 5 numbers from 1 to 45 plus one Powerball extra number! There are seven prize divisions, by just matching two numbers and the Powerball extra number you can obtain a prize! One ticket in 120 is a winning ticket. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto Australia - Lottery TicketsWin millions by participating in one of the leading Australian lotteries. Every Tuesday night the jackpot could be yours! The most appealing ones start at AU$ 1 million, rolling over every week if there are no winners. The prize has been known to climb up to AU$ 30 million! To win the jackpot you must hit 7 numbers from 1 to 45! Also, 2 additional numbers are raffled and there are 7 divisions of prizes to win. If you just hit 3 numbers and one additional number you can get a prize! Be part of one of the most exciting and attractive lotteries in Australia.

Irish Lotto

Irish LottoIrish Lotto offers just about the best jackpot odds you’ll find in any national lottery and it’s easy to see why Irish Lotto is known everywhere as the world’s luckiest lottery. With only 45 numbers to pick from, the Irish Lotto jackpot is 42 percent easier to win than its UK Lotto equivalent. Jackpots start at about €2 Million and keep rolling over until they’re won. The record jackpot for Irish Lotto is €18.9 Million.

German Lotto

German LottoGerman Lotto has guaranteed minimum jackpots with 2 draws per week and it pays out more individual cash prizes than any other national lottery. German Lotto is one of Europe’s biggest weekly lotteries with jackpots starting at €1.3 million for Wednesday’s draw and €2.6 million on Saturday. But rollovers often push the jackpots much higher. The German Lotto’s record jackpot was approximately €45.4 million.

France Lotto

France LottoFrance Lotto gives you more chances to win with 1 in 16 tickets being a  cash prize winner. With a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €2 million and 3 draws a week and regular rollovers. The record France Lotto jackpot of €24 million was the largest jackpot prize in the history of French national lotteries.

National Lottery UK

National Lottery UK - Lottery TicketsNational Lottery UK is one of the most generous lotteries in the United Kingdom. The draw runs on Wednesday and Saturdays. The most attractive prizes start at £12 million, rolling over each week if there are no winners. Only three Jackpot rollovers are accepted. One rollover is frequent, but three consecutive rollovers have only occurred four times in the history of the National Lottery. In the UK National Lottery, 6 numbers are drawn from a range between 1 and 49, plus a bonus ball. Players who hit three or more numbers have a chance to win a prize! Players who hit all six numbers win the jackpot. The bonus ball is only useful for those who hit five of the six winning numbers. Those players who guessed five numbers and the bonus ball receive a bigger prize than those who only hit five numbers. When there is more than one winner at a level of prizes, money is divided among all winners.

UK Thunderball

Thunderball UKUK Thunderball is the little brother of UK Lotto and it’s the perfect lottery for those who like to bet small, play often, complete with big wins. This lottery pays out more than £2.4 million every week. UK Lotto is operated by the UK National Lottery. UK Thunderball offers great odds, 3 draws a week, and up to £800,000 available to win every draw. 9 prize levels make up UK Thunderball and a substantial Jackpot.


In the past, somebody living in France couldn’t play the Powerball lottery in the United States, unless they flew to the US and purchased a ticket. Fortunately, civilization keeps advancing, and so do the variety of ways that you can purchase a lottery ticket. One of the newest ways that people are playing the lottery is through international lottery sites where people can purchase lottery tickets from around the globe.

Another thing to consider is if you’re used to buying state and national lottery tickets from the gas station, you aren’t going to benefit from any promotions or rewards programs which are offered on many lottery websites. There are several big promotions designed to give frequent players money back.

Most lottery sites are available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Swedish.

If you are somewhat leery about playing the lottery through an internet site you can be assured that sites which provide customer service like live chat and email are reputable and stand behind their service.

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