Online Casino Etiquette

Is there such thing as online casino etiquette?

While there are plenty of etiquette rules to being in a real-life casino – such as not constantly having your phone at the table, getting too intoxicated or pushing other people out of the way at the roulette table – you might wonder if online gambling shares any of the same etiquette. To some extent, some of the advice stays the same, especially when it comes to keeping your wits about you. However, a lot of the physical rules and behaviour are eliminated. Rather than etiquette as such, it’s more about what comes as good practice.

Online Casino Etiquette

Limit your allowance

If you were going to a real-life casino, the chances are that you would keep some separate money aside for the trip itself. Setting yourself a budget is not only good for your overall expenditure, but it also limits your losses to some extent. Giving yourself a set budget means you have to think strategically about how much you would like to bet with on each go, just like in the real-life realm.

Be aware of the rules

The rules here refer to two things to some extent: the rules of each game and the rules of the house. Knowing the rules of each game before you play is vital. Jumping in blind without any sense of the game entails can be a long-winded way of decreasing your budget. If you’re using a live casino, such as all that is required is to know the rules first – no need to dress up or wear black tie, too.

Avoid chasing losses

If today hasn’t been your day when it comes to trying your hand at the online casino, it can be hard to admit you’ll need to call it quits. When we get in the cycle of losing, but feel we can amend it, it can be hard to escape the tunnel vision. If you find yourself trapped in the cycle of losing, it’s best to take some time out and have a coffee or a rest and close your web browser for a little while. Coming back to it when your brain is refreshed, and when you feel more positive is far healthier for your wallet and your optimism.

Take your time and enjoy

If you’d taken out money to pay for an all-out, exclusive holiday to some of the biggest casinos you might feel a certain amount of pressure to spend as much time as possible on your favorite tables and games. However, because you’re in the comfort of your own home, there’s truly no rush when it comes to finding the right game for you. Relax, grab a cold drink and enjoy playing at your own pace.

While there’s no formal etiquette when it comes to online casinos, there’s still plenty to be learned from the old-style casino rules. Taking time out when you need to, not being distracted or intoxicated and putting some money aside beforehand are all wise bits of advice to bear in mind.

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