How Do Live Dealer Games Work

Live casinos are a new form of iGaming that replicate the actions taking place in a physical casino. Players, however, can place wagers from the comfort of their homes. Live casinos pay a more handsome percentage of the stake compared to all other forms of online casinos. While the general consensus suggests a higher RTP, a certain percentage of the population believes table games draw in bigger profits despite the higher House Edge.

Live casinos are getting more popular by the day as they promote human contact in real-time over the internet. And if the players need help or have a question in mind, there’s a live chat option for assistance. In-game Optical Character Recognition (OCR) translates the dealer’s actions into data, which are then viewed by the players. And that forms the base for an entire live casino experience. Check out the most popular live casinos near you exclusively on Team Gamblers.

How Do Live Dealer Games Work

Key Components of Live Dealer Games

  1. Cameras – As evident, cameras play a massive role in successfully streaming live games. The latest technology makes it possible for smaller but more powerful cameras for streaming the live feed. Let’s take a game of roulette for reference. Live dealer roulette involves multiple cameras offering an overview of the table and the wheel through a PIP display.
  2. Wheel – Depending on the type of game you play, live casino games might include a wheel. Casinos work closely with equipment manufacturers to design specialized wheels with built-in sensors that interact with the casino’s software. Thus, offering players an interactive experience.
  3. Game Control Unit – One of the most crucial elements of the live casino experience, the Game Control Unit is a device no larger than a shoebox. It is responsible for encoding the recorded video and broadcasting it to players’ devices. In short, the live casino experience is entirely dependent on the GCU.
  4. Monitor – The monitor shows the dealer exactly what the player can see on their screens. Since most cameras have multiple blind spots, players can choose to remain anonymous during live sessions by using one of these spots. Monitors are crucial for the dealers and help them make immediate decisions.
  5. Dealer ­– Dealers are one of the main components of the live casino experience since they introduce the human touch. Dealers conduct live dealer games efficiently and in-line with traditional casino themes. Disrespecting your fellow gamers or the dealer attracts a penalty and can even get you banned from the servers.

What Does a Typical Live Casino Setup Look Like?

A live casino usually consists of three rooms. The first one is the studio, the second a designated software room, while the third is where the analysts are present. Although simple, the setup might vary between casinos, depending on how they choose to operate. While certain live casinos are accessible from the smartphone, others require a dedicated display for the players to sign up. The possibilities are endless!

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