Sports Interaction News Week 17 2023

Sports Interaction News Week 17 2023 – Here is the action report and odds for the NHL. NFL & NBA with odds plus favorites for this week. See what Sports Interaction has to offer during this week.

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Sports Interaction News Week 16 2023


We have a few teams on the brink of elimination already in the Stanley Cup playoffs including the Tampa Bay Lightning, who find themselves in a 3-1 hole against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs were the most popular bet on the futures market before the season began and now they’re pegged as -1667 favorites to advance to the second round. The Boston Bruins and the Edmonton Oilers also hold 3-1 leads and are heavily favored to move on. In turn, while the Bruins are still +245 favorites to win the Stanley Cup, look out for the Leafs and Oilers. Canadian hockey bettors have been all over those teams, pushing Toronto to +521 and Edmonton to +637 to win the Stanley Cup and dropping odds that a Canadian team will make the Finals to +113.


LeBron James warned everyone that his Los Angeles Lakers could be a problem if they made it to the playoffs and so far, he’s making good on that threat. After earning a spot in the dance through the NBA Play-In Round, the Lakers have the Memphis Grizzlies on the ropes. Los Angeles is one win away from knocking out the Grizzlies and is now -1111 to advance. Action on the Lakers in the futures market is picking up too as there’s still major value with them priced at +877. Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics are also a win away from the second round and are massive -3333 favorites to advance. If they do, they’ll square off in a tasty matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers.


Welcome back, NFL fans. After a short break, the National Football League is back on center stage this week with the annual Entry Draft beginning Thursday. Bryce Young is expected to be drafted first overall by the Carolina Panthers and is -2000 to be the first quarterback off the board. However, there have been some rumors swirling around that the Panthers might opt to draft Kentucky quarterback Will Levis instead. Levis’ odds of going first overall have gone from +509 to +399 over the past couple of days. In other off-season news, the New York Jets finally completed the trade that will bring Aaron Rodgers to the Big Apple. The Jets’ Super Bowl odds went from more than +1700 to around +1200 when news of the trade was originally leaked.

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