The Most Important Online Gambling Milestones

Real money online gambling has been around for ages now. However, before it became the real money gambling that we love today, a lot had to happen.

Online casino gambling and other forms of gambling did not just get to where they are without any work put to them.

That is why, today, we will take a few steps down memory lane and look at the most important gambling markings in history, achievements that happened in the online gambling that changed gambling forever.

The Most Important Online Gambling Milestones

Important Gambling Dates

1996 was remarkable for real money gamblers. It was during this year that the first online casino was launched. InterCasino was the world’s first-ever online casino.

1998: Poker Rooms

While poker rooms now seem like things that were always there, this is not the case. The first internet poker room was launched in 1998.

1999: Multi-platform Gambling

With all that was happening, people wanted a bit more from the online casino. They got that in 1999 when the first multi-player gaming platform was introduced. This allowed players to gamble and socialize at the same time.

2003: Birth of eCOGRA

2003 Brought with it, e-Commerce and Online Gambling Regulation Act (eCOGRA) that many real money online casinos usa use today.

2006: The UIGEA

2006 USA passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This almost crippled online casino gambling in the United States.

2008: The Million Dollar Jackpots

2008 was when progressive slots reached the $5.5 million jackpot mark. Just imagine winning that much money in online casino gaming.

2011: Million-Dollar Jackpot Winners

2011 was when a random player won $11.7 million playing NetEnt’s progressive Mega Fortunes slot. The first-ever million-dollar jackpot winner.

2014: Birth of Bitcoins

2014 bitcoins introduced as a cryptocurrency. A currency that was easily accepted by real money casino games gamblers or jeux de casino argent reel in French. An online currency for online games.

2015: Largest Progressive Jackpot Slot Win

2015 Microgaming celebrates a £13.2 million progressive win. Another huge win for real money players, opening up their eyes to limitless real money gambling wins.

2016: V.R Online Casino Games

2016 Virtual Reality headsets released by Microgaming using Oculus Rift technology. V.R. casino gaming, one of the best things to ever happen to online casino games.

2018: A.I In Online Casinos

2018 the world’s first-ever 100% A.I. built online casino is launched. We wonder what else online casinos are yet to achieve.

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