Online Casinos That Are A Perfect Fit For Diversity In Canada

When was the last time you walked down the streets of Toronto or Ottawa or Montreal or any other major city in Canada? Do you remember the total of languages you heard over the course of your stroll? I, for once, conducted an experiment in this matter and every once in awhile I walked to work while counting “tongues”. With an average of 15 different languages the total max I’ve heard was 31. Impressive, right?

Online Casinos That Are A Perfect Fit For Diversity In Canada

That noted, more than 200 languages were reported as ones that are heavily used in Canada. Not much of a surprise, is it? Especially today when emigrants make 20% of the population! We are a loving, caring, welcoming country with equal opportunities for everyone in every niche, enclosing entertainment.

Check this online casino list and you will be amazed to find out how diverse the gambling options are in Canada and remember – everyone can speak the language of luck!

Online Casinos That Are A Perfect Fit For Diversity In Canada

Best casinos in English

What are the best Canadian casinos for you to gamble if you prefer the classy, juicy, old-school English?

  • Jackpot City. This bad boy site offers an impressive deal for gamblers and bettors of all shapes and sizes with 97.89% payout score, live dealer games, 630+ online games and a whooping max jackpot of $5 million!
  • Spin Palace Casino. This one’s probably my personal favorite – an online casino that offers a 97.59% payout score, awesome live support chat with friendly, helpful operator’s, ability to deposit in Canadian dollars and an impressive jackpot of $5 million as well.
  • Gaming Club. The underdog or the dark horse of digital gambling in Canada? Ah, who cares, we still love cheering for the smaller but more talented players on the field, right? What else can be said about Gaming Club? They have a nifty C$350 bonus and a 96.35% payout.

Best casinos in French

Oh, the language of love, passion and a decent gamble worth your while – what can possibly feel better?

  • This Is probably the largest casino in the world to offer its services in sexy French. Aside the language Ruby packs quite a punch with: C$750 bonuses, monthly loyalty rewards, stunning live support and a 97.79% payout score.
  • All in all a nice casino for both beginners and pros. An impressive C$1000 entry bonus is only a cherry on the icing. Payout speeds are fast and only take up to 2-4 days with the payout of 96.32%
  • Lucky Nugget. As with the Gaming Club this casino is also the smallest and the youngest one among the thin circle of user-proven gambling platforms. But the C$200 entry bonus and a 95.5% payout rate speak for themselves!

Sure enough there are also casinos in other languages for Canadian players. Luck, after all, is a language we all share so make sure to enjoy speaking it!

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