Stay Healthy Playing Online Slots

Playing Online SlotsSlots remain the dominant form of gaming in any land-based casino and generally accounts for more gambling dollars than all other forms of casino gambling combined.

Slots are very user-friendly, with simple rules and payouts that are easy to understand. You just lay your bet, pick the number of paylines, when applicable, and press a button.

You still can pull a handle on many slot machines, too, but most people opt for pressing a button.

That same scene replays potentially thousands of times every month. When you sit down at a casino slot, you are sitting in the same seat and touching the same playing surfaces as thousands of strangers.

That’s a lot of potential germs, especially ones that cause the cold and flu, among many other illnesses. Unless you are carrying and using sanitizing wipes prior to playing, you easily can catch the cold from someone who played just hours before you.

A big part of the problem is casinos mostly being opened around the clock. That makes it difficult for its staff to do anything more than a quick sweep and maybe an occasional wipe-down.

Most of the time, though, the surfaces of slots machines and other gaming surfaces are full of bad germs. So are the door handles and handrails on your way into the casino.

Unfortunately, the only place that truly gets sanitized in the better land-based casinos is the bathroom. Those they can shut down long enough to get a thorough cleaning.

You’ll never see a casino block off a section of slots or other games just to clean them.

When you play online slot casino games, you avoid all those germs other gamblers have left behind. You get the benefit of visually enhanced graphics in high-definition, great sound, and all the best and latest online slots titles.

You can play for pennies and small jackpot, on up to hundreds of dollars or more for high-limit slots and large payouts. You also could play for progressive jackpots, which could be worth millions.

Yet, because you are playing at home, you control your gaming environment. You just keep your gaming area clean and sanitary, and you won’t have to worry about getting sick from somebody else.

Unless you have kids. Then, good luck with that.

Even if you do have kids, so long as you keep your gaming space away from them, like in the master bedroom or dad’s den, you should be fine. Certainly better than in a land-based casino.

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