Ways to Spend your £1 Million Jackpot

It’s finally your time, you’ve just won the jackpot and are the recipient of a whopping £1 million! Do you have that dream too? It happens all too often over here, but we’re still holding out hope! Winning £1 million seems life-changing, and it is for the majority of people. For the rich and famous, not so much, most of them wouldn’t even bother to pick up a £10 note if they dropped it.

There are many online casinos out there giving you the chance to win a jackpot through bingo slots and other games. With all the opportunities to win a jackpot, have you ever considered what you would do with the money? We’ve created a list of things you can do with £1 million to get the idea-ball rolling.

Ways to Spend your £1 Million Jackpot


Investing in property is the ‘thing’ to do here in Britain. Overseas, not so much. In countries such as Germany and America, they do not value property nearly as much as we do. It’s the biggest challenge facing the younger generation, and with the issues surrounding retirement age, a lot of people are attempting to invest in property as part of their retirement plan.

If you think £1 million is plenty to buy a property with, we suggest you think again. £1 million will only stretch to a 2-bedroom flat in Cheniston
Gardens in Kensington. However, in Buckinghamshire, you can get a 5-bedroom detached house. If you head to the capital of the north, Manchester, you can buy a house with nine bedrooms, a gated entrance and a private driveway – or four 1-bedroom flats in the city centre!


Possibly the first item on your to-do list when winning a large sum of money is to book a holiday. With £1 million, you could go anywhere you desire! Book a luxury stay in the Maldives or adventure through South America in style – maybe a trip around the globe?

Whether you want to spend the lot on a luxury cruise or get a state-of-the-art RV to truck across America in, there are plenty of ways to travel in style. Alternatively, you could buy an island – okay, perhaps not an entire island but if your mate won a jackpot as well you could ‘go halves’ on it?

Help Around the Home

You might have already bought your dream home and been to all the sights in the world that appeal – you might even already own an island. What to do then? We don’t know about you, but we hate washing up, cleaning, tidying, general organisation. So why not get a little help?

You could hire someone, or multiple people, to help out around the home for a more-than-generous salary. They can stay in your multiple-bedroom home and become domestic staff. You never know, it might lead to some incredible parties at the weekend – although the cleaner probably isn’t keen about that.

Realistically if you’re spending your money wisely, then you’ll be able to make £1 million last for a long time. Some winners have blown all their money instantly and have nothing to show for it, as tempting as buying takeaway after takeaway might be, it’s probably not the best way to spend your winnings. Others have managed to create their own business and propel themselves into success. Of course, to do any of this, the first thing you need to do is take part. You need to be in it, to win it. Let us know in the comments below what you’d do with the money.

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