What are the Different Kinds of Slot Tournaments Available Online?

Slots are considered one of the most fun casino games out there, as they require very little skill, but offer maximum entertainment. There are so many different themed games to choose from and you don’t need any kind of experience to play along. However, for those that find slots a little too solitary, unsocial or dull, you need to get involved in a slots tournament.

Different Kinds of Slot Tournaments Available Online?

Slots tournaments are a great way of increasing the excitement, while challenging yourself against others. If you’re a competitive person, you’ll find slots tournaments a lot more fun than regular gameplay – and whether you’re in it to win the cash prize, want to better your own score, or want the satisfaction of beating others, slots tournaments provide that opportunity.

Somewhere like Paddy Power Vegas (https://vegas.paddypower.com/c/tournaments-slots) you’ll find several different kinds of slot tournaments and here we will run through a number of these – so you can find the right tournament for you.

Freeroll Tournaments

As the name suggests, these tournaments are free to enter and they are often organised for new players as part of a welcome bonus. As you’re not required to pay an entrance fee to participate in the tournament, the overall prize pool may not be as large as in other tournaments, or as you were expecting. It’s worth taking advantage of these when they are offered by the casino. Players simply need to enter the tournament and compete for the allotted time (usually several rounds of five minutes).

Scheduled Tournaments

These require you to register and pay to play, but scheduled tournaments will be advertised in advance. You’ll know the date and start time of the tournament, as well as how long it will run for – and it will begin at the scheduled time, regardless of how many players there are. This is the most basic and common form of slot tournament.

Scheduled tournaments can also split into two different types: one sees the prize pool set up in advance, with the prizes for the top finishers remaining the same, no matter how many players are in the tournament; while the second type sees the prize pool distributed depending on the number of players, as the money comes from the players’ entry fee. Thus, the more players there are in the tournament, the higher the prize pool.

Sit and Go Tournaments

Again, these require you to register and pay the fee to secure your place. However, numbers in sit and go tournaments are limited and the tournament won’t start until the maximum number of players is reached. You may find yourself waiting for the tournament to begin, which could well affect your concentration come the start of the tournament.

Survivor Tournaments

These are super competitive tournaments, with only the best players going through in each round. Typically, the tournaments consist of three rounds of five minutes, with the top 10 players going through to battle it out. The intervals between each round are reasonably short to keep the action fast-paced and survival of the quickest!

Extender and Reloader Tournaments

Extender and reloader tournaments allow players to improve upon their scores by purchasing add-ons, which is why we’ve grouped them together. Buying add-ons in both tournaments is optional and, in both cases, add-ons are sold in bundles, so while the price may seem high for a one-off payment, you’ll be purchasing multiple additional turns.

In extender slot tournaments, players can buy add-ons to improve their chances of winning, as they stay in the tournament for as long as possible; while in reloader slot tournaments, players can pay the original entry fee to ‘reload’ their game and increase their chances of success. Reloading will see players compete for a set number of minutes and can again, re-buy their way in the tournament.

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