Why Players Feel Comfortable Using a Casino Bonus

For first time players, entering an online casino can be a daunting prospect. Firstly, you have to try and choose from the many casinos available online and having done so create a new account. Registering at an online casino involves the addition of personal details and this can be a little nerve wracking for those who have never done so before at a casino.
Why Players Feel Comfortable Using a Casino Bonus

Then you come to making a deposit and this is perhaps the most uncomfortable action for someone who has never joined an online casino. However, a great way to feel more comfortable when joining an online casino is to use a free spins no deposit slots bonus. This is without doubt the most sought after of all the casino bonuses available online and it is easy to see why when breaking down the details of the bonus.

Free Spins Bonus

It is possible to obtain a free spins no deposit bonus without having to spend any of your own money. There is no risk on your part when taking advantage of a no deposit offer, you can claim the bonus and enjoy playing the games knowing you are not going to lose any money. For those who have never played a game at an online casino or those who are trying a casino for the first time, there is nothing more relaxing than having a no deposit bonus. It provides the opportunity to try the specified game if there is one or to sample a range of games at the online casino without losing any money. In this instance, it is easy to see why players feel more comfortable using a casino bonus.

Types of Casino Bonuses

The free spins no deposit bonus is not the only type of bonuses available and the welcome bonus also helps to make players feel more comfortable when using an online casino. Again, this is especially true for those who have never played at an online casino before and even for those who are using a new casino for the first time.

Welcome bonuses can differ greatly in the amount offered but most of them follow the same principle of being based on the first deposit. So, all you need to do is make a qualifying first deposit and this will be matched up to the value stated on the individual casino website. In most cases, it will be a 100% matched deposit up to £100 or sometimes more. That means if you make a first deposit of £100, you will receive an additional £100 with which to bet, giving you a total of £200.

The reason why players often feel more comfortable when using a welcome bonus is because firstly; they feel wanted at the casino and secondly it provides great value for money. There are not many forms of entertainment where you can spend £100 and receive the same amount back free of charge. Imagine being able to go into a bar and the first time you order drinks, you receive the same amount of drinks again for free, it would be fantastic. There is no way you would turn down this offer and you would be feeling rather good about yourself for having such a great welcome in the bar.

In addition to the standard first deposit welcome bonus, some online casinos go further by offering the bonus across additional deposits. Sometimes it will go as far as the fourth deposit, meaning if you decide to stay and continue playing games at the casino, you will receive even more for your money. There is no better way to start playing online casino games than receiving a huge sum of money back as a bonus. Sometimes, you can be talking up to £1,000, so if you are serious about online gambling, it is worth looking out for this type of promotion.

Regardless of which type of online casino bonus you use; they can help you to lower your chances of losing money. Arguably the overriding factor that puts many people off trying online casino games, whether it be slots, traditional table games or card games, is the fear of losing money. That’s understandable and the more money you bet, the greater amount you stand to win but the same applies in terms of losses. However, by using a casino bonus you can significantly lower the chances of losing money. The reason being, you will not always be using your own funds when taking advantage of a bonus.

For example, if you wanted to enter an online poker tournament but you are required to have a specific amount of money to play, it may put you off. That’s where the bonus comes into play and by using it you may be able to reach the amount required to participate in the tournament comfortably and thus enjoy playing without added pressure.

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